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When I began attending Sarah's classes more than three years ago, I noticed that the quality of my practice became more mindful and focused, even though I'd been practicing yoga for many years. I also noticed that I began to challenge myself thanks to Sarah's ability to create a safe, fun environment. She is an incredibly attentive instructor, her adjustments are always gentle and accurate. ~ Donna W.

When I moved to NYC from Boston, I was lost with yoga....I tried a few yoga studios near my apartment, but I didn't feel welcome. It lead me stop going to classes and start practicing at home, until I found Sarah. She welcomed me with a big smile and her positive energy making me feel excited about taking classes again. Sarah is a great motivator and helps you to get the most out of every class. She is capable of working with you when you have physical discomfort to make you feel better. Sarah is not only a great yoga instructor but her spirituality and dedication makes her and her class extremely special. I would strongly recommend Sarah to anyone seeking a great yoga experience and instructor. ~ Kaori M.

I am a 55 year old New Yorker, with keen interest in many sports. Accordingly, I try to keep fit. I play a high level of competitive club tennis and ski at an expert level. To keep fit I have historically worked out in a gym four times per week, and biked at least 5 times per week.

I had never tried yoga until November of 2011. I did so at the instigation of a dear Ethiopian friend who is a tennis professional. It was my great fortune to have met Sarah Coleman, as my instructor at this point. She is a delight and is someone whose infectious charm and energy make her a delight to be near. She taught me from the most elementary level with kindness, patience and grace. I have seen her teach all levels since - and she does so beautifully. She embodies the spirit of mental and physical fitness and calm that I seek in this endeavor.

Above all, she makes it fun!

Since commencing with Sarah, I have had the opportunity to practice with other Yoga instructors due to my travels. I can say that none of them come close to either her technique or charm.

Yoga has been one of the greatest changes in my life - for the better - and for that I thank Sarah.

~ Chris M.

I LOVE Sarah's class, she's so sweet and the time flies by. I'm a more "advanced" yogi, but my friend is newer, and because she offers a number of options, we can both get a lot out of her open class. ~ Lisa T.



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